Any recipe that mentions ‘flour’ without specifying which one, is talking about all purpose flour.

This flour has the lowest protein and is a favorite for making moist and tender bakes. Considering that cake flour is generally chlorinated, the gluten in it is pretty weak

This flour has pre added salt and baking powder. This means that it needs to be used within six months of its manufacture

This flour derived from the starch of the cassava plant is pretty low in protein. Some 2-3 gm for every 100gm of flour.

Almond flour and almond meal, which is a coarser variety of the flour can be prepared at home. Just blanch and peel your almonds and grind them up in a food processor.

This has become pretty popular considering its affordability and easy preparation. You can use your regular oats or if you are particular about it, rolled or steel cut oats

You might have heard of this if you ever attempted to make an Italian pudding or pasta at home.

Whole wheat flour comprises all three parts of the wheat kernel – the endosperm, the germ (embryo) and the bran (the outer coating).

Let’s start by saying that bread flour has more protein than all-purpose flour, but while all-purpose flour is, well, all-purpose, bread flour is only for bread

This flour is the secret behind the masterful combination of the flaky tart or pie crust that still manages to be tender

This is made from sprouted grains and is ideal for those looking to increase taste and nutrition in their meals